11 August 2013

The Ultimate Workflow iTerm2, Tmux, Tmuxinator, and Vim

Just wanted to write a quick post about my workflow. I have been using Tmux, iTerm2, and Vim for a good while now and I love it. Since switching from writing PHP to writing Ruby full time, I have been working on upgrading my tools so they are better suited for Ruby and for working on multiple projects. Tmux is great for multiple projects cause you can setup different sessions for working on different projects. You can attach and detach from these sessions quickly which makes switching between projects on the fly a breeze. Enter Tmuxinator. Tmuxinator makes setting up complex tmux sessions a snap. Tmuxinator allows you to have a yaml configuration file for each project. Once you have your configuration file setup you can just run mux project-name start and it will setup your Tmux session as for you based on your configuration file. When I have some more time I will post about actually setting up and configuring Tmuxinator.

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