05 September 2014

Pull Requests, Solano CI, and the Github Status API.

We use the Github pull request workflow at work, and we love it. As soon as input is needed on the feature that is being worked on, we push up the feature branch to Github and open a pull request. Github pull requests are great on their own, but, what if you knew the status of the build from your continuous integration server while reviewing the pull request? With the Solano CI & Github Status API integration you can do just that. No coding is necessary to enable this, simply enable the Github Commit Status permissions from within Solano and boom! Each time you push commits to a branch on Github a build is kicked off on Solano. Solano will post to Github's API, if there is a pull request for that branch the build status will appear in the pull request with a link to the full build report on Solano.

Github Status API Screenshot

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