04 November 2015

That Time Derek From Thoughtbot Interviewed Me

In 2014 I landed a remote gig with a Boston based company called the T1D Exchange. Hired as the lead developer on their myglu web app, I was extremely stoked when I found out the MVP for the project I was taking over was built by Thougtbot in Boston! I had the pleasure of catching up two of the original Thoughtbot Devs Derek Prior and Sean Griffin at Rails Conf in Atlanta. We chatted for a bit, they both agreed it was one of their favorite projects. They decided to follow Sandi Metz’s rules to a t on this project. After taking over the project my boss insisted that I follow the conventions that were set forth on the project. I have never worked in a cleaner, more well thought out Rails codebase, ever. Here is a link to the interview. https://robots.thoughtbot.com/a-client-project-two-years-later

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