04 March 2018

Asynchronously Linting Ruby and Haml in Vim8 or NeoVim

In the past I have used Syntastic in Vim for linting code while editing. Syntastic was good, but was too slow for large projects and often felt like it was slowing me down. ALE (Asynchronous Lint Engine) is a plugin for Vim8 and NeoVim that makes use of the new Asynchronous features introduced in Vim8 to allow linting as you type. Rather than linting a file when opening or saving like Syntastic, ALE will run the linter in the background asynchronously as you type. Not only is the feedback loop much tighter, it doesn’t bog Vim down while your editing. I have used Rubocop with Vim for linting Ruby for many years now, but never used it for view files. I just started with a new organization and they use Haml for views in the project that I am working on, so I was curious if there was a linter for Haml. Sure enough I found Haml-Lint and it ties in with Rubocop to bring the Ruby linting power of Rubocop to your Haml views. Both Rubocop and Haml-Lint will both work with zero configuration if you have ALE installed in Vim. Install instructions can be found in the links below, but it’s really as simple as installing both gems and adding the ALE plugin to Vim with your favorite plugin manager.

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